Mittwoch, 29. April 2020

Oil cooler project finally finished!

After lots of angle grinding, hole drilling and thread cutting, it is finished!
Some details of the 3mm steel plates I used for the brackets (again, captive nuts were used)

Here is the cooler already fitted, the oil lines are not finished yet in this pic (another set of 6 captive nuts in hindsight of a cover with vents, to be mounted later)

And a view from the side:

And the finished article, plumbed and oil tight!

Currently I am designing a metal shield with cooling fins to improve the already good airflow even more!

Besides the improved cooling abilities, I also wanted to get rid of the "chaos" in the engine bay, I think it worked out well:



(Yes, I know, the vent hoses looks like garden hose, but it was supplied by CB performance, with the Type 3 specific vent housing. It will be replaced with "proper" hose soon!)

all of this cluttered mess is gone:

Here are a few shots of the creating, fabricating and assembly process:

This is the initial sketch - for me, most of it still makes sense, even though, I changed a lot of details along the way...

I also added another piece of sheet metal to improve air flow on the 3/4 cooling tin. There is a rectangular opening to release the hot air, after it passed the oil cooler, here is a pic of such an original cooling tin:

This opening could be closed, now that there is no oil cooler any more, it will improve the cooling of cylinder 3/4 as more air volume will flow over the cylinders now.

Here is the metal cover, I used a simple tab on one side and an existing thread on the other side, thus I could slip the cover onto the already mounted tin:

This is a mock up of the final assembly set up:
 (Of course, the cooling tins on my engine are not that messed up and rusty!)

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