Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

a happy end: the rear bumper

Tuesday the postman delivered a huge package:

my rear bumper was really not something to be proud about, one of the pre-owner tried to remove rust or whatever and removed the chrome in some areas, it was dull and rusty:

I've been looking for a NOS bumper everywhere, once I had one already in my hand but wasn't 100% satisfied with the chrome and let it go again - BIG MISTAKE! - this will never happen again to me...

So I finally ordered a re-chromed bumper from the Volkswarenhaus.  This one looked killer from the outside, but I had to paint the inside to a near factory finish, the "Hammerschlagsilber" (hammer finish silver). I also wanted to add overriders, there were some in my parts stash, but even if the outside was in decent shape, the inside was rusty and a no go!, Again, Jens, my favorite media blaster came into play, he removed all rust and the old paint in minutes - thank you once more for the express service, Jens! If you ever look for media blasting, hobby or industrial, look no further:
Here a before / after comparison:


  I also applied a few layers of the Hammerite Hammerschlagsilber, followed by a clear wax coating.

Then all the shinny bits were mounted, I also used the time to add the missing fender beading beneath the rear apron:

 the new shiny look of today

 this is how it was before

 bling bling

I like it! Now I will apply I final coat of wax, just to be sure it will last really long!

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

next winters projekt

Here is my next Fastback:
I found it during my visit at the Techno Classica classic car fair in Essen, Germany. During next winter I want to turn it into a miniature of the Volksback...
A very special thank you for the entrance ticket!

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

sundown today

Today I checked the new steering wheel and took the Volksback for a ride into the sundown...

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Steering wheel - the final

Today I finally changed from boring original bakelite to nice n' shiny polished aluminium and wood:

and here is a "before" shot:

Freitag, 2. März 2012

shifting gears

For the accomplishment of the "H"-registration = historic vehicle the original shifter was good,
but the shifting travel between gears was beyond believe! So I changed the og shifter for an EMPI short throw T-style shifter:

what a difference in gear shifting quality!