Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

VW Euro Wanroij 2013: pics

Today we visited Wanroij for the VW Euro Meeting. Besides a 15 minute rain shower the weather was o.k. and the area for the meeting was huge, including a mud pit for the Buggies, a nice lake, big camping ground, a vendor area and so on. Here are some pics:

a pair of super nice busses:
17 inch Fuchs'ed early bay

double sliding door T1!


and closed:

2- tone early T2 on Fuchs

... and another super smooth example

all windows open: 
 also up front:

 with healthy power

double cabin T1 with 3 Schwinn bikes and roof rack

Grüße an Michael Moos:

A view from the camping site over the lake

a late model Fastback ("fat chick") on Riviera wheels

another beach shot (and another "fat chick"):

Fuchs'ed convertible (with a strange rear view mirror)

 ... also available in red:

Type 3 on polished Fuchs wheels

matte green streaker

Bugs on the beach

T1 busses on the beach

Marathonblue late model with a nice set of rims

a little too much for my taste...

I dig those wheels:

 Razoredge (of course on Fuchs wheels) on a Type 2 special platform van

another coachbuildt special van:

a nice contrast opposed to all the panscrapers:
 (note the fresh air intakes in the doors and the roof mounted Cyclops lamp)

Albert Heijn himself was onsite as well:

more Baja / Streaker pics: 

... and more custom VW's

.. and some über rare classics:
 Enzmann, Beutler Pick up and WW2 Typ 82

Type 3 on 4-lug Cosmic's

and finally: Visit from Italy: FIAT 600 Multipla: (I would like to see the taxi bill)

Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

rear parcel shelf: last preparations for the Wanroij VW show Netherlands

A few days ago I noticed a few bubbles/wrinkles in my rear parcel shelf. I guess I wasn't patient enough to let the glue dry before I layed the leatherette on - anyways, I had to remove and re-glue it...

Job done, looks perfect again! (I hope this time it lasts!)
 (pic found
So, tomorrow morning we will go to Wanroij - For more information, click here