Sonntag, 14. April 2019

Back on the Blog...

Hi all, after almost 1 year I am relaunching my Blog and show some updates to the Volksback. Just like in former years, I am also planning on some reports of meetings I attend and other Volkswagen related stuff.
Also, I will of course visit the MKT in Hannover to meet friends and enthusiasts of our beloved old aircooled Volkswagens. See you there!  If you still like to visit my Blog, drop me a comment!

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2018

Hannover MKT 2018 + DFL May Cruise Night

I just came home from this years MKT Event in Hannover, it was actually the 35. official Maikäfertreffen and I had a blast. I met many friends had some great discussions and - for the first time - I didn't take the Volksback!
Some random snap shots from the DFL Meeting yesterday - I was too busy for nice pictures...

The Hazard Streaker was the "weapon of choice" this year. One of the reasons is, that I want to sell it. Too many projects - not enough time! But, back to the Volksback. I noticed some increased pressure in the crank case, so it needs some relief. I bought some stuff to make it happen:
A breather adaptor, replacing the stock mechanical fuel pump, a CB breather box  and - in the middle of the pic: most important - a new fuel tank sender. Hopefully I will never run out of fuel again...

And finally the only pic I took today: My friend Olli's "Autohaus Nordstadt Käfer" on stage:

Sonntag, 22. April 2018

Running out of gas is only what happens to losers, right?

Well, unfortunately not exclusively... Today it happened to me - for the first time ever! I took the Fastback for a spin in bright sunshine and as I usually allways fill up the tank before I park it in the garage, I didn't pay any attention to the gas gauge... Well, 20 kilometers later I ran out of fuel on a hill of a country road without a hard shoulder...
I just stopped and switched the hazard lights on, when the first car stopped right behind me - I didn't expected that. A very old lady - my guess is around 80 years old - offered help right away. She gave me a 4 km ride in her black Mercedes to the next gas station, so I could buy a gas can and some gas. The way back I had to walk in bright sunshine, which was o.k. About half the way back, another car stopped and the driver asked: "Hey, is this your vintage VW down the road?" Maybe the gas can in my hand was a clue to him... Yes, it is. So, hop on in, I will give you a ride back to your car! Wow, another super friendly guy who was willing to help. During the drive, the guy explained that the same thing happened to him last year on his vacation in France when his old baywindow bus also got stuck without fuel!
What can I say, about 30 mins. after the car stopped I could fill up the tank and was able to continue my journey. Not right away, as the weak battery wasn't able to turn the engine long enough to pump gas via the mechanical fuel pump into the empty Webers, so I switched into reverse and used gravity to roll down the hill backwards with an engaged clutch. It was a bumpy ride, but eventually, the Webers got enough "juice" to fire the engine up again!

A big thank you to both of my helpers - you collected good karma today! I will try to do so the next time, when I see somebody in need (- which I almost always do anyway)!

Also, I was super lucky that the car was still undamaged as the "parking spot" was less than ideal...

Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017


The Fasty is parking in the garage, awaiting better days. To keep the tyres round, I bought those blocks, they are very light and consist of a special "foam", but are super sturdy:

 The body is covered with the indoor soft cover, which I purchased years ago from Mario @

Samstag, 23. September 2017

small update

The Volksback is still going strong. The adjustment and jetting of the Weber carbs helped a lot, the engine is running cooler and more responsive. The front end is a little too low, especially with 2 passengers in the front seats, so I will re-adjust it a bit.

On my latest trip to the US I bought some more tools at harbor freight for the garage:
A set of picks to remove O-rings, a breaker bar to loosen those real tight screws, a wire stripper and some shrink tubing, as it really cheap and works well.

Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

New throttle linkage and a job for an expert

Last week my friend Uwe (a big Thank You from here!) helped me machining my new throttle linkage. The former one was made of aluminium and due the angle it was mounted, I could not reach WOT (wide open throttle).
The new one has a slightly different set up and is made of hexagonal steel, so the thermal expansion should be reduced as well.
During the movement the left linkage touched the cylinder shroud, so it was always hard stopped before it did the full throw

vs. new:

The initial angle is different and now it works perfect.The linkages have M5 left hand thread on one end and M5 right hand thread on the other other end + a jam nut on both ends. This makes tuning of the length really easy.
Then I checked the valves once more and made sure all is well...

As I delivered the Volksback today to a well known expert to optimize the Weber carb's jetting and set up:

I hope he will find some more HP in this engine - even though, I can't complain! I always felt it ran a bit lean and I didn't want to risk a blown engine due to overheating issues. The trip to Spa will show how it runs...

Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

The TÜV approval: Another 2 years admission for German roads

I can't believe it myself, but the Volksback is already on the road since almost 6 years!
This week it passed the TÜV inspection again with no advisories - this is how it should be.
Looking forward to more fun with this cool little old piece of automotive history...