Montag, 29. April 2013

a long treasure hunt came to an end!

During our weekend trip to the Netherlands I finally found my long sought-after personal "holy grail"
The Hot Wheels Racing 12, 6/10 Custom Volkswagen in blue on a short card!
(So far I only had 1 on a long card, "imported" from the US - as well as a few purple ones (long and short card) and 4 white ones, K-Mart-only edition)
ta daa:

I was searching this one since July 2012 and visited countless shops, browsing through literally thousands of Hot Wheels racks...
You can't imagine my lucky feelings when I finally found not one or two, but three!!! at one place!
 (right column)

I think I will open one of them. This model represents so many things I am really into:
Volkswagens, Hot Rods, Hot Wheels, red band tyres, aggressive stance, big'n little tyres....
It is my "perfect" Hot Wheel of all times so far!

Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Techno Classica 2013

This year the Techno Classica classic car fair in Essen Germany was again all about Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes... On Sunday morning almost all shiny cars displayed this sign:

Auch dieses Jahr war auf der Techno Classica vor allem wieder Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes und Co vertreten. Am Sonntag Vormittag war an fast jedem Auto dieses Schild zu sehen:

If I had collected all my pocket money since birth, I might have aquired this one:
Wenn ich mein Taschengeld seit der Geburt gespart hätte, wäre ich vielleicht auch schwach geworden:
As long as I don't own a diamond mine or an oil field, I can only go there and scratch my head about the prices which are displayed on these cars!
Solange ich weder eine Diamantmine oder ein Ölfeld besitze, kann ich nur über die dort aufgerufenen Preise staunen!