Montag, 31. August 2015

Engine: finally, heads are comming together and a shiny fan!

After endless checks and measurements with the help of Rui's adjustable push rod, now their length and the rocker geometry are finalized:

I ended up with 4mm shims under the rocker bases:

To install them correct, I needed a set of longer bolts:

Now, the valve stem @ half stroke is spot on in-line with the adjuster!

Next step: shorten the push rods to correct length...

Oh, last but not least, the tig welded, cad-plated fan wheel is back in da house!

Donnerstag, 27. August 2015

Spa 2015: Type 3 Squarebacks

Here are a few Squarebacks:

   ...again, mostly white - I wonder why so many white Type 3 's survived?

 This is such a cool color, in the shade:

 ... and in the sun:

... and: No, they didn't come slammed nor with a shortened front axle from the factory :-)

Mittwoch, 26. August 2015

Spa 2015: some Karmann's

Here are a few randoms of radical Karmann Type 14's:

This engine looks serious!

 strange mix of patina look vs. metal flake roof

Montag, 24. August 2015

Spa 2015: The off road chapter

Spa is well known for the huge amount of mega low pavement scrapers, but there is more to see:

This one wasn't even body-lifted, a VW181 based beetle 

A super slick 70's style Buggy 

On Fuchs wheels with a carson top

Period-perfect tuning on the engine  

 Porsche steering wheel

Ths looked serious business, lifted short wheel base Buggy on Porsche tele dials!

disc brakes on all 4 corners and a massive roll bar

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Sonntag, 9. August 2015

Spa 2015: Radical rims, stance and more

Low notchback on 17" Audi wheels

I don't know if this one was on air or static, Air ride is becomming more and more popular these days.

A rare sight: Fasty on 5x205 bolt pattern sprint stars

This Type 34 on 17" was definately on Air:

Late Fasty on multi-pieced Porsche tele-dial rims

These rims are not the only radical bit on this custom coupe:

Freitag, 7. August 2015

Spa 2015: Triplets

During Saturday's Cruise I met a matching pair of white Swiss Fastbacks, which makes it triplets:

Almost the same, yet different... I really dig the grey/polished SMA rims in 5x130 bolt pattern! The Fasty in the middle wears 4x130 Cosmics!

Sonntag, 2. August 2015

Spa: Le Bug Show 2015

Wow, what an eventful weekend! Sunny weather, super nice people, countless pretty aircooled VW's and - last but not least:The first award for the Volksback!

After a breakdown on the way to Spa - which was managed in the most unbelievable way ever (this will be covered in a future article and definitely soon on Ralf's blog )- a BIG thank you to Mark, my personal hero of the year, we arrived at the Hotel and our Spa 2015 Weekend finally began.

The sign-in at the gates took much too long and there are no T-shirts as a welcome gift, neither any freebies or give-aways. But enough of complaining the "Le Bug Show" was mind blowing as always!
Here are just a few teasers:

(part of the) Swap meet area:

Impressions from the Saturday afternoon parade:

The Show & Shine area:
Much more to come in the next days, but I can't resist to show off my first Award.

For the 8th time already, during "Le Bug Show" there is a Type 3 + Type 34 meeting, held on Saturday evening on a reserved parking area.

After a little mishap which took everybody more than 1 hour of waiting (The key for the entry gate was unobtainable) we could finally gather and dig deep into the Type 3+ 34 vehicles on display. It was crowded, I think the greatest number of Type 3+34 so far. Especially the Fastbacks gain more and more attention, this year there were at least 12 - or even more.
During the event I was asked to come to my car and the organisators of the meeting presented the Type 3/34 Award to me - I couldn't believe it! So I made sure that they were talking about my Fasty, but - yes, they did!

Here it is (late night picture from the hotel's basement parking):

Hopefully I will get better pictures, so - if anybody could provide pics from the gathering, I would be happy!

Soon afterwards one of the meaner Fastbacks from Germany, air bagged and hugely rimmed (with automatic gearbox) resisted to start - apparently the fuel pump was dead as there wasn't any fuel in the - luckily wrong located - fuel filter, which was mounted after the pump...
So some late wrenching, including Type 3 owners from all over Europe, a spare fuel pump and a handfull of tools and the Fasty was back on track! Unfortunately, no pictures of that...
Another fine example of the great support between ACVW owners, great job to all involved, mainly Thorsten Elbrigmann and Ralf Godlewski = the ditry hands, the helpful fellow from Belgium with the spare fuel pump, the mobile phone light supporter and the Type 3 driver which supported the almost dead battery of the Fasty with jumper cables from his radically rimmed notchback!

As mentioned, much more to come in the upcoming days...