... about my 1966 Volkswagen Fastback

This Blog is about the restoration and adventures with my 1966 Volkswagen TL "Fastback"
Dieser Blog ist über die Geschichte der Restaurierung und Erlebnisse mit meinem 1966 Volkswagen TL - "Fastback"

Mittwoch, 17. August 2016

Decent fuel consumption by the turn of a (4) screw!

On the maiden voyage the fuel consumption was definately too high with 11,95 l/100km! A little tweaking of the 4 mixture screws reduced the fuel consumption to 7,81 l/100 km - this is what I expected...
Again, I want to exchange the venturi's for bigger ones, then a professional tuning is planned!

Donnerstag, 11. August 2016

New engine: First feedback

The Spa trip was the first real test for the new engine. Overall I'm stoked, it runs great, it rev's really quick, the sound of the CSP Python Exhaust system is great (maybe a little too loud... - or am I getting old?) The Weber carbs run o.k. out of the box, but the fuel consumption is currently way too high, The carbs need to be tuned and maybe re-jetted...
One thing was bugging me - an oil leak! I paid so much attention during assembly to get everything leak free that I was disappointed to find some drops of oil under the engine.
A closer inspection led to the distributor as the source of oil - after removing it, I knew why there was a little oil:

I simply forgot to assemble the seal on the distributor shaft! Hopefully this was the only leak and I don't have to worry about oil stains any more!

Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Spa 2016

Again, this year's Le Bug Show in Spa Francorchamps was a highlight. Despite the  issues due to re-organisation of exits and the massive traffic jam during the parade.
The weather on Saturday and Sunday was perfect, the amount of cars was mind blowing and the company was great, too!
We had some minor issues to fix on the way back and fro, but I was happy being there again.
Here are a few random pics:

Saturday morning 06:30h: Ready to leave!

(Missing in these pictures is Timo's VW collection (T2 bus trailered by his Passat)

a little later on the way...

There is not much a bunch of talented (hobby) mechanics and a well sorted toolbox can't fix! I think we did a great job!

Still my favorite Volkswagen of all:

This roof rack is so cool!

A superb Fasty from the T3HQ - Congratulations to Mario - this is a beauty!
When have you ever seen a Baja Bus?

 Eurocco kitcar, slammed on Ercos:

On Sunday morning we wanted to make sure that all goes well on the way home, so - some early morning wrenching action on the hotel parking lot:
Open your hoods and say: Aaaaaah

Will I go there next year? Yes! Will I stay over night? I don't think so. The prices have reached I level I am no longer willing to pay. So, a 1 day trip to Spa, a visit to the Type 3/34 meeting at night and then going home again is the rough plan...

Dienstag, 2. August 2016

# Urban Outlaw

I have to admit I am a little biased about Magnus Walker - but I guess this is how the media hype of today works... Something new or interessting comes up - and suddenly it is all over the place and you get fed up real quick.
Anyways, as a collector of Hot Wheels I had to grab those 3 Porsches, a black and a silver 356 Magnus Walker signature series and the latest, a white 911 GT3 RS real rider in urban outlaw disguise!

back from Cali!

After 2, 5 weeks of fun in the sun I'm back in good old rainy Germany!

The trip was awesome and we've seen so much great stuff - but of course, I was also hunting for some parts!

During our stay in LA I managed to visit 3 aircooled VW dealers:

I didn't really needed anything, but I bought some stuff for the Fasty and the Streaker anyways:
Also, some new tools from harbor freight were stuffed into the suitcase on the way home!
Some t-shirts are mandatory as well...

Now I'm counting down to Saturday for the annual Spa -trip! See you there!

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2016

It runs great! ... and I know the rev's now!

After the first 250 km, I am really happy so far. One valve cover is leaking a bit, other than that, everything is cool!

As I like to know what is going on, I also installed the ISP West Tach, this is the before, the 3 instruments with the clock on the right:

now, with the clock removed:

and with the tach installed:

Samstag, 2. Juli 2016

Say hello, wave good bye

Opposed to what everybody thinks, it has finally happened! The new motor is in!
The trusty engine which gave me the opportunity to visit so many cool meetings in the last 4,5 years!
I don't think that my dear friend Ralf ever thought it would take so long. I owe you so much more than just a big thank you! I also didn't think it would take that long...
in between:


The Webers are installed and plumbed for fuel, the throttle linkage is adjusted, all electrical connections are done.
Tomorrow the CSP Python exhaust and the oil pan will be installed, maybe it will even get started for the first time ...

Visually, the difference is not that great, but I hope for almost the double power!

More news on this later!