Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

24,5 mm torsion bars!

Today I received a pair  of 24,5 mm diameter Porsche 944 torsion bars for the IRS conversion. Now, everything is ready for the job!
Keep an eye on this topic, soon on this Blog!

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

Icy trip to Rosmalen

Yesteday we took a trip to Rosmalen on icy roads. We passed a few cars which slipped off the tracks. We took it slow and arrived safe after 2 hours. Here are just a few snapshots of the meeting - which on one hand had less retailer boots, but the entry is now at 15€ already!

post -71 Brazilian Fasty

Aluminium bodied Rometsch in rough shape

T2A with hand-wash friendly stance. You can wash the roof without a ladder!

A V-twin powered Volksrod!

This picture does not really present the number of visitors, in the swap meet area it was really crowded!

My all time favorite VW - The type 34 in the Airmighty boot:

a nice display of 80's BMX bikes

 The Type 4 club displayed this Type 4 pick-up
It was the first time I spent more money on food than on parts...

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016

yet another Hot Wheels VW casting: The Käfer Racer

Just got hold of a brand new 2017 Hot Wheels VW, the Käfer Racer.
I am amazed that even the Umlaut is used correctly on the card!

The Chevy Silverado with a nice new paint scheme:

as well as the F 150 casting, now with a translucent red screen insert:

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

Massive Hot Wheels prey

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for Hot Wheels. Today I was lucky and hit the supermarket pegs at the right time...
A pair (because it is always better to have a pair :-) of the 55 Gasser - an all time favorite of mine - in the latest 2017 blue "flames" print , the 56 Ford Truck with the new "steely" wheels, 2 FuguZ's, a Toyota Pick up + another 55 Gasser in red, a "Back toThe Future" Time machine in hover mode (the only non-2017 package of today) and 2 vehicles which owners are known (and loved) for their stupidity and heavily disturbed self reflection:
Homer Simpson and Richard Rawlings

Sonntag, 27. November 2016

California trip: Burbank Car Classic July 30, 2016

The major part of the California trip was about exploring nature and cities, but at least there was 1 car show I wanted to visit. The 5th annual Burbank Car Classic - A Salute To SoCal Automotive Culture.
It was only a Saturday afternoon show in the heart of Burbank, but the visit was worth it. From a Toyota Corolla with 1UZ FE (Lexus V8) engine swap to classic aircooled Vee Dubs to some precious vehicles from the Peterson Automotive Museum - like a De Tomaso Pantera from Elvis Presley - to high class hot rods and even the Chip Foose modified Lotus Europa! All sorts of cool stuff, here is a small extract:

(I am almost sure this one was another Overhaulin' project)

some air cooled classics

some hot rods with loads of fabrication were on display, too:

an old school classic:

this one was beyond believe:

and the Lotus Europa, heavily modified by Chip Foose in an episode of Overhaulin'

here is a fun fact, the episodes make you believe it only takes a few days, but this one took over a year to complete. Lucky Costa, of Hot Rod Garage fame, did a lot of work to finalize this build.

You can find interesting stuff about Lucky on his own channel:

This guys has loads of skills!

Turbo's of the size you could live in!

The 1 UZ FE Lexus V8 4,0 liter swap looks absolute factory!

The Elvis Presley DeTomaso - with bullet holes in the steering wheel and driver's foot well:

Batman was there, too:

a clean BMW E30 M3 is also appreciated in the US!

 Not only the big american muscle cars were present:

This crazy V8 offroad monster 4 seater was equipped with big stereo and  it was street legal!

Meyer's Manx

and Meyer's tow'd - which uses a type 3 rear sub frame - that was new to me!

Unfortunately, the light was everything but perfect, as it was too late in the afternoon on a narrow street, but to see all these cars in one place was a pleasure. I was kind of expecting to meet Jay Leno there, but he wasn't there...