Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

keeping the daily driver alive...

after 12 years and more then 180.000 km, the gear shift handle and boot looked far from nice,
so time for an update:

 10 minutes later:

the new boot is real leather, as well as the new handle!

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

V.I.P. Very important package!

Today a very nice, perfectly packed package arrived. Ralph, one of the German type3 forum members offered me a mint arm rest and a perfect NOS trim for my driver door. (The trim piece, which was NOS as well got a bad dent when I installed the door seal and had to loosen the door stop - I opened the door too much and ruined a perfect piece of trim!)
The arm rest has to be replaced as well, as it is a little cracked...

 a new arm rest top piece

 perfect, mint condition door trim piece

 ouch! nasty dent...

... but no more!
 big thank you to Ralph once more! 

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

15.000 clicks Thank you!

Hi and thank you to all my visitors for 15.000 clicks.I will try to keep you posted as much as possible with more Volkswagen related stuff!

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Hannover swap meet find: seat mechanism Bowden clamp

During the Hannover meeting I was running through the swap meet to find this clamp. I told everybody what I was looking for - but wasn't lucky...

On my way home, Sebastian , another Type3 fellow - or pervert ;-)  gave me a call on my mobile, he found exactly this part - as NOS- and bought it for me! As I was already on my way home, he gave it to Ralf.
Today I had this precious part in my mailbox! A big thank you to Sebastian and Ralf!
Now I can finally set up the recliner lock function on the driver seat!

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Budel Keverweekend 2012 cancelled!!!!

Here is detailed information about the cancellation of the 2012 Keverweekend in Nederlands, Deutsch + English language:


not hits, but km on the speedo's tripcounter:
And a few pics from the way back MKT, today:

 sorry for the crappy pic, but - as you can see, it was done at ~80km/h :-)

And this is what I have to deal with during the next days: dead flies everywhere...

MKT 2012: swap meet treasure hunt

Here are the treasures which found me today ;-)  - none of them I really looked for ...

a 45PS muffler, a NOS clamp set for the muffler pipe and ... a custom made Type 3 5x130 rear drum brake set! Not just re-drilled!
Drums and rotors @ 5x130 only - Look...

The funny thing is, I've seen one of these sets ~20 years ago  at the MKT in brand new shape. I often thought of these and regret not buying them... - today I found them again - at the MKT...

And here a highlight, 1 of only 2 worldwide existing MKT 2012 mugs from Jens, the "master blaster" (click for details), especially for Ralf and me. Thank you Jens and see you tomorrow to pick up some VW and BMW parts

Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2012 + DFL Cruise Night

What a cool event! After a troulbe free cruise to Hannover with 4 aircooled Volkswagens:
Ralf's Type 3, Olivers 914 and the Volksback ( Daniels 67' Cal look beetle is missing in this pic)
(just for the records: fuel consumption 7,3 liter/100 km!)

We visited the DFL cruise night, here are a few pics:
 a super smooth T1 with the "a little" more power: 

look at this motor - it made an incredible sound as well...

the parking lot was crowded the whole time:

some of my highlights: 

the definition of patina:

 red - a color which is really underestimated...

 17 inch rims, cool!

talking 'bout cool...

 as seen before, but really something different - sort of mid 70ies  meets cal looker...

 If those front beams get even shorter, those cars start looking like 3-wheelers...

Thank you - everybody I've been with and met during the MKT 2012 for a great event!