Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Autoslalom Oberhausen, July 27th 2014

This Sunday I visited an Autoslalom (Autocross in the US) in Oberhausen. This was the first time in almost 25 years that I've been to an Autoslalom. In the late 80ies I've been a regular visitor, when the British Army bases and even the harbor area of my hometown were hosting those events. Funilly, a good portion of cars are still the exact same cars as 25 years ago!

The 3er series BMW's E30 and E36 seems to be a common choice

Replica or not?

 In the parc fermé: The Cooper S is one of the few "modern" cars which has a lot of potential!

only one Miata? and more BMW's

Volkswagen Golf 2 

some other "weapons"

 the most unusual vehicle: a Smart ?!

weird mix: Simca Rally I + Daihatsu Charade + Polos

a lot of Polo 86 and 86C were there as well as a Derby!

 a Polo G40

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

US Car meeting Centro Juli 2014

Today we took a short trip to the US car meeting in Oberhausen, most of them were Mustangs, but some other cool stuff was available as well:
Mustangs all over the place:

a racing Viper - street legal:

 a Corvette with BIG Pipes!

this one was nice, too:

unfortunately - for my purse, Ralf Stocker was on side with his Snap-on tool taxi:

 picture from his website:

So I had to grab this thread repair kit!