Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Mercedes parts in a Volkswagen? Not a bad thing...

There are countless "swivel feet" or "elephant feet" valve adjusters available. Most of them I don't trust, so I rely on original German made Mercedes spare parts. Part number 102 050 02 20 is the correct one for type 1 engines:

Strong clutch for a (hopefully) strong engine...

With all the efforts I put into the engine I expect something around 110-120 hp. As this would be a little too much for the original clutch, I am going to use the tried and tested 750 kg pressure Kennedy Stage 1 set up:
 The clutch is pre-balanced and really looks sturdy! 

 The clutch disc will be a cushion grip:

setting axial play

During assembly of an aircooled VW engine it is vital to dial the axial play for the crank.
The optimal value is between 0,10 mm and 0,15 mm *edit: the correct values are 0,07 - 0,13mm!* There are shims to be added between the crank and the flywheel. A variation of 3 shims with different thickness to finalize the value. Luckily those shims are availble in a wide range from 0,24 mm to 0,38 mm in 0,02 mm steps. I think I almost did it spot-on, right in the middle of the range:
*edit: As the correct values are 0,07 mm - 0,13 mm I have to adjust it once more! 0,10 mm is the target!

push rod tube issues... and special tools

The cylinder heads were fly cut, so the original 1300cc-1600cc push rod tubes were too long to fit.
So I ordered a set of 1200cc tubes which should solve this issue. This time I ordered from Werk34, as I also found a nice oil pump cover as well, it is nickel plated on the outside and the surface  towards the pump gears is almost honed-like. The shipment was fast and everything went flawless!

During assembly I discovered some clearance issues to install the spark plugs and the manifolds for the Weber carbs, so I cobbled something together which works exactly as it should:
A 1/4" mini ratchet with a 10mm hex socket for the manifolds and a 13mm ratchet spanner with an adapter to the 21mm spark plug socket. even with all cooling tins installed I can wrench with no problems!

Freitag, 15. Mai 2015

Cam update

After I already mounted the Schleicher 316° cam I changed to another, german engineered cam from J. Nowak:

Schleicher cam on the left, Novak cam on the right. The new cam lobes are almost 1,5 mm higher!

After assembly I had to check the lifter clearance:

 ... as well as the space between the counterbalanced crank and the new cam:

 ... there is a gap of about 1 mm ... should be good to go!

I ran out of shims to adjust the end play for the crank, so I need to wait for the next parts delivery...

Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

May Cruise Madness and Maikäfertreffen 2015

Wow, that was an awesome time! I spend Thursday and Friday in Hannover to join DFL's
May Cruise Madness as well as the Maikäfertreffen on May 1st. I met a lot of old and new friends and had a great time! After a major hick up on the way to Hannover on Ralf's Type 3 (I am sure you can read something about this on Ralf's Blog soon: we finally made it. It was a little rainy but nevertheless we cleaned our cars and visited the MCM.

I was too busy talking, so only took a few pics:
Here is Michael Moos' Squareback - which I've seen for the first time "in flesh" - a really breathtaking piece of art!

The "Car of the Night" award winner:

Later on an extreme flared Opel Manta showed up, maybe the original car from the 90's movie "Manta Manta" ?

One of many nice busses:

Then we took off to our favorite restaurant to meet friends and enjoy some great food. Another beer in the hotel lobby and we called it a day. 
Friday morning, after a plentiful breakfast we drove to the MKT. Luckily we were allowed to park in the Show & Shine area once more!
Here are just a few random pics of the day:



My good buddy Oliver presented his exquist VW Porsche 914 - Allegedly the first 914 ever on the MKT stage!

For the first time in years I spent some time on the camp grounds and the visitors parking lot - man, this place was packed:
It was a great meeting again and I am amazed that the entry fee is still only 10 Euro's!  Hats off and a big thank you to the organization team of the MKT!

Of course I spent most of the time searching for used and new parts, here is what I found:
Almost everything I bought this year is for the Volksstreaker project: a dust cover, seat belts, chrome rings, antenna, rubber grommets, backing plates and a set of Thing spindles.  Only some spares for the Cup Käfer bar will find their way into the Volksback! The IRS bushings are for another set of IRS arms which I am currently rebuilding. More on the Streaker in my other Blog: