Montag, 27. April 2015

Engine build, part II

Here are some more ingredients of the engine:
Victor Reinz sealing set

CB Performance CroMoly cylinder bolts - they are designed for stroker motors, which meant I had to cut off 9mm from both sides of all 16 bolts = 32 cuts!

The surface for the flywheel's O-ring freshly polished:

The head: CNC'ed cumbustion chambers to exactly to 50cc, machined for 90,5mm pistons

So far so good, everything spins freely:

Specific to the Type3: Distributor position is different than on a Type 1 assembly!
Distributor only for set-up purposes, there will be another one installed later.

These CSP oil gallery plugs are really nice, much easier to assemble compared to the slotted covers from VW! Also, new oil pressure plungers will be installed.

Sonntag, 26. April 2015

Motor build: Finally, I started my own!

The Volksback is now for 3,5 years on the road, and still it is running with the motor I got loaned from my Buddy Ralf!  Now it is really time to get going with my own power plant:

The Scat Volksstroker crank - forged, counterbalanced and dynamically balanced:  
Pre-assembled, the bearing surfaces are covered with Liqui Moly LM48 assembly lube

The con rods are CB performane budget rods, all fine tuned to exact weight

Here is one of them on the scale:

 579,25 grams each

 Here is a standard con rod:
 628,25 grams

Already 4x49 grams = 196 grams of rotational mass reduced!

 Here is the Schleicher 316° camshaft and the Scat lifters, 75 grams with center oil hole
The stock VW lifter weight about 84 grams - another 36 grams of reduced rotational mass

First check of the crank in the block:

 Ooops: Problem! The case wasn't machined enough to make room for the counterbalanced crank

So, a little grinding was required:

Now the crank spins freely!

Sonntag, 12. April 2015

First picture of my aircooled projects! High and low!

The Volksback was overdue for an oil change, the problem: The Voksstreaker is parking since the beginning of 2013 in my workshop...
Solution: Start the Volksstreaker and drive it under its own power - for the first time in god knows how many years!

Here they are: high and low...
It felt really great and the motor sounds healthy, all running gear works perfect - I can't wait to use this car on a regular basis!
The Volksstreaker is now nearly finished, all panels are aligned etc, you can read more here:

Samstag, 4. April 2015

Garage door update 1.0

Yes - this is a double post, but there are only a few visitors to my VW Baja Bug /Hazard Streaker build blog:  , so I also posted here...
I finally took the time and updated the garage door. I ordered 5 glas inserts, they allow some daylight to enter the garage and it is now easy to see for visitors if I might be in the garage...

The before picture:

The upper segment had to be removed carefully, than I measured trice, cut once, installed the inner and outer frames, glass inserts, annoying the neighors with the sound of the angle grinder...

... and another job done! A nice, even pattern of glass inserts!

P.S.: I know the lower zinc sheetmetal of the roof has to be fixed!