Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

... one year ago...

I made the crazy decision to buy a Hazard Streaker - which turned out the most expensive pile of crap I ever bought.
 But now, exactly 1 year later there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
After I replaced EVERYTHING I think this is going to be decent member of the aircooled society in the near future...

Here is the current state:  the chassis is back together, a new body is waiting in my driveway...
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Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

cars and coffee part III

o.k., here more good stuff I've seen during my visit in August:
Facel Vega II. only about 180 of them were ever built

This is a beautiful designed vehicle, french coach work with Chrysler 383 V-8 power

so many cool details

more Porsche

Chevy 2 door station wagon - my guess would be a 57 model - a 56 Nomad

and another Porsche (looker) a 550 replica

the number plate is mounted onto the exhaust pipe!

  and another one

I dig the wheels on this one - finally a car that prooves that a 911 can look good without Fuchs wheels!

and a really old Ford:

this car was running and driving as well! - note the black Plymouth Prowler in the background! The coolest "factory hot rod" ever made -even if it only had a 3,5 l V6 under the hood

this shouts hot rod from every angle:

slicks? no problem on LA streets

 and another cool 5 window Ford

 Ford V8, supercharged

one of my all times favorites: a Continental orange 911

 and another rare sight on the street: Porsche "980" Carrera GT, V10 engined, 612 hp!

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

cars and coffee part II

o.k., here are a few more...

and some precious German metal:

Maserati Merak - Americanised - look at the bumpers

this one didn't come on a trailer as well!

the ICON Derelict was on site as well - I really wish I had 100.000 bucks to spend in my pockets ...

more about this one here:

or here:

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

cars and coffee part 1

During my latest trip I visited the weekly cars and coffee in LA, here is the first set of pics, more to come in the next days...

I really dig the mixture of new and vintage, modified and stock... wait for the next set!