Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Volksback!

Today, exactly 1 year ago, the Volksback hit the streets after a successful TÜV approval. I used it as often as possible and enjoyed every single minute. We visited a lot of big and small VW meetings and everything went perfect, more than 5.000 km without any issues - which proves that we did a not to bad job...
We? Yes, without the help of Ralf ( am sure the Volksback would still be just a stack of old rusty bits...
Thank you Ralf for all your support - and your motor - otherwise the Volksback could only park in the garage...!

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

some updates...

the Radio Flyer project got a little progress, the cart tyres are finally mounted on the rims:
complete with new valves. The guys from Daytona Indoor cart in Essen were super nice and helped me out with their equipment and knowledge- Thanks for that!
...  this is how the rims looked before:

For my new motor I bought another set of cylinder heads - 044 series, already machined for 92/94mm pistons:
and I found another engine case, with 8mm studs instead of 10mm studs - which allows ~ 2,1 liter displacement :-)

The Volksback itself is now equipped with the classic style Radio - and some good working speakers:
The chrome style fits really well with all the other chrome levers in the dashboard! Even the integrated Bluetooth hands free function works perfect! ( unless the motor gets too loud...)

I used some MDF board and mounted 2 speakers in the original speaker position:

The Emphaser ECX80 S4 speakers have big magnets for their overall size - it is still no High Fidelity, but it works o.k. for me and I didn't had to butcher up any visible Interior to make them fit!

Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

black is (even more) beautyful...

The folks from DeiKäferService in Italy were so nice and exchanged my red calipers for black ones! Now the new brake system is more stealth and not so -in your face- like a red one would have been.
I hope to be able to mount this stuff soon...

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Käfertreffen Dorsten 07 Oktober 2012

Today we visited the seasons last meeting, Dorsten. It was packed as always, the space is limited there. The weather was perfect - as always in Dorsten. Here are a few shots:

the perfect licence plate:

I also met Holger, the Empidoc:, today, he had a real cool gift for me, a Auto Motor und Sport automotive magazine from 1968 with a comparison of 2 VW 1600tl, carburated vs. fuel injected!

Thank you, Holger!