Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

New Years resolutions: Time for a clean up!

Well, the few people who know how my garage currently looks like will think: Yes, finally he will take care of the mess in his garage - but, sorry guys - I am talking about my Blog!
Since almost 2 years, more and more fine blogs are dying, as almost everybody moved to Facebook these days. Which is a format I personally do not like that much. However, I dumped a lot of links to Blogs which are inactive for up to 2 years - or even more.
But, there is a new entry as well: "The Lamley Group". A Blog about Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica etc.! If you are a die cast car guy, check it out!

Wishing all my visitors a "Happy New Year 2015" - and I promise: The new year will see more Blog action again - simply because there will be some wrenching on the Volksback again!

See you in 2015! Maybe in Rosmalen next weekend?

Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

IRS Hybrid subframe ready!

Yesterday was welding time! Finally, the subframe is ready to go!
left side from above:

and another shot of the left IRS bracket

right side from above:
left side from below:

right side from below:
The IRS brackets were spot welded on all corners first, to prevent warpage, then the long seams were done - most of them in one go! 
All welds have a very good penetration and will be left as they are. They look better then the welding that VW did in the days...

Once, again, without my buddy Ralf - who did professional welding for quite some time - the subframe would look really bad, I tried it again yesterday, but it takes a lot of practice to get such a result! Hats off to Ralf!

I will mock up the frame with the running gear to check drive shaft clearance to the frame horns.

The next steps will be a good cleaning + wire brushing and than a lick of gloss black paint!

Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

Hybrid IRS-subframe: Let the work begin!

Today I finally started to work on the special subframe. I use a swing axle subframe and a set of original VW IRS brackets to create a Type 3 subframe which allows the use of an IRS gearbox and hardware in a pre 68 body - which doesn't have the sheet metal domes to mount the "mustache" bar in the engine compartment...

The swing axle subframe has to be cut open to make room for the IRS brackets, here is the first step: 
A rough cut to allow a fine, step by step grinding and fidling to make the brackets a tight fit.

 (Note the perfect, rust free surface inside of this 50 year old subframe!)

... much later: the bracket fits onto the frame. The jigs - which my buddy Ralf fabricated - help locating them in the perfect spot!

 This is it: both brackets are located and fixed with the jigs. The next step will be the welding!
A special "Thank you" to Ralf for allowing me to work in your clean, warm workshop!

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

a few random shots from the 2014 season

Here are a few highlights I've seen throughout the 2014 season:
Youngtimer Vestival Herten:

Budel 2014

Another cool gathering was Volkstyle in Weeze - a meeting which deserves more air-cooled presence, so let's go there in 2015!

Going through my picture archive, I found out I visited a lot of meetings and events, but only took a few pictures, next year I will try to change this again!

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

a sun-day trip

Today I did a short trip to the classic car meeting in Burscheid-Hilgen. Due to the amazing weather more than just a few classics showed up:

In the background is Uli's blue / whiteT2 bus - It was the first time I met Uli in long trousers :-)
I love the variety of entries: wether it is German or US made, 30 or more than 70 years old:

my favorite: a continental orange 911 F-model:
The Volksback did great, as always. Now it is back in the garage awaiting the next trip!

Sonntag, 2. November 2014

Autumn 2014

Today I took a ride in the beautiful warm November sun!

I have to admit that the current stance looks really cool - but it is too much! Today I scrapped over the pavement again:

So I guess next year there will be a little less coolness - but more ride quality and a saver ride!

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Bugwelder - the shop that cares!

I ordered a set of wheels for the 2015 season @ the Bugwelder shop. Because I care about (my own) safety, I ordered TÜV-approved rims. Upon arrival I discovered that 1 rim was perfectly polished - unfortunately the TÜV-relevant markings were polished as well:
I contacted Christopher, the shop owner to let him know that I expect trouble due to the illegible marking. So, he sent another wheel within just 3days! This is the kind of customer care I expect from a top shop. Especially if you read the story about the opposite behaviour from another dealer, just days ago -> see my Volksstreaker blog:

Samstag, 13. September 2014

beautiful Budel 2014

Today we visited the Budel VW meeting "beautiful Budel" - and indeed, it was beautiful. No rain, some good friends and some good deals - perfect!

Here are some impressions:

a radical oval - but - hey, what's in the background?

a Porsche flat 6 powered, LPG converted notchback
 ... with tele dials and Porsche disc brakes all around!

low late model notch

nice matte finished bug

the ever growing bus department

simple yet nice:

nice color!
 this year the meeting has seen much more visitors compared to the rainy desaster of last year!

in the camp ground an original KDF  Type 82 "Kübelwagen"

 great combo of color, wheels and accessories

I also found a lot of stuff for my Streaker project, which you can follow here: