Sonntag, 28. April 2019

spring cleaning - Frühjahrsputz!

In 2011, when I installed the carpet, I was in a bit of a rush and I didn't pay enough attention to the details.
Lately, some edges became lose and the interior also started to wear out. So, it was time for some spring cleaning. The blinker lever was really ugly and look at the carpet in the drivers foot well:

I repainted the lever and fixed the carpet, also note that the regulator lever is installed as well! 

and just for the fun of it, another picture in bright sunlight:

the heat is on

Since the new engine and exhaust were installed, there has always been a problem with engine compartment temperatures. The reason are the CSP headers for the Python exhaust. The heat radiates into the compartment and the Webers were sucking in the hot air - not good - especially for the oil temperature. So, I wrapped the headers with heat insulation:


and after insulation wrap:
I only had the chance for a short test drive, but my impression is that the engine comparment is cooler. The trip to Hannover will show if it really works...

Sonntag, 14. April 2019

Back on the Blog...

Hi all, after almost 1 year I am relaunching my Blog and show some updates to the Volksback. Just like in former years, I am also planning on some reports of meetings I attend and other Volkswagen related stuff.
Also, I will of course visit the MKT in Hannover to meet friends and enthusiasts of our beloved old aircooled Volkswagens. See you there!  If you still like to visit my Blog, drop me a comment!