Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

right the 3rd time...

I finally found the perfect stance, after re-indexing the rear torsion bars once more, now I like it!
Now it is the perfect balance of ride quality and looks. The positiv camber of the rear axle is gone, now the wheels are almost parallel. The stance is still a little "nose down" - perfect, I like it!

 that's the right look!
I also fabbed a new rear tray - not the original material, but at least a very close color match to the old one

Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

photo session part 1

Here is a couple of nice shots from Yesterdays photo session:

black + white

 nice butts

friendly faces


Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

buckle up it's the law - although not for pre 1970's cars...

Some enjoy the freedom of driving around without seat belts, for me it is an unsafe feeling.
So I ordered a set of tan colored seat belts - 2 automatic 3-point belts for the front, 2 lap belts for the rear:
If you are looking for e-approved seat belts - even in different colors - you can look here:

new ears day

Time for new rear view mirrors, the left one was looking  a bit too used, the right one was a Variant's "elephant's-ear". So, I ordered a new set of  "pig ears":
  Soon to be seen on the Volksback!

Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

The Volksback is back home!

... after another 1 1/2 weeks in the paint shop (to polish the paint and repair some imperfections) it is finally back home - so shiny!!!- look:
 -  I have to start selling some left over  type 3 stuff - too many doors in my garage!

Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

8 liters !?!

Finally all 4 corners are equipped with the 2 liter Porsche alloys! Look.
4x2 liter = 8 liter ;-)
More pics to come, the cameras battery died... after 1 pic! Note the center caps, after weeks of waiting they also arrived.

Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Watch out! - the Volksback, now on the streets!

There is a lot work ahead of me, but it runs fine and now, with the license plates installed,  I can use it whenever I want!
The front tyres in 165/65/15 were not available, so I mounted the Ronals up front to get this thing going...
License plate is also not too bad!
Next week the 2 liter Fuchs wheels are on all 4 corners and hopefully the center caps will also find their way to me and then onto the Volksback!

Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

10.000 clicks! Here is something special...

Wow! 10.000 clicks in 15 month! Thank you for your curiosity and keep comming back.
Against the trend of showing nacked chicks @ every even number of clicks, I will show you something real shocking!!!!
A snap shot of my workshop during the "hot" phase of putting everything together in time, look:

Sometimes I am such a slut when it comes to clean up the work shop! But these pictures will remind me of NEVER again leaving such a mess behind - promised!

Dienstag, 1. November 2011

stance problems - from too low to too high ...

This is the current status: minimal positiv camber - a little too high in the rear, so I have fine tune the rear suspension another time. Probably about 3 cm lower, but not today!

here is what I started with:

Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

after a long day... TÜV approval!

From 10:00 am until 19:00 pm I was busy to get final TÜV approval for the Volksback:

10:00h: appointment with the TÜV technician

10:35h : start of the checking procedure

11:30h: a list of problems / headaches:
- rear suspension too low (no surprise!)
- nylon lock nuts on the steering box do not work properly - replace with spring rings and standard nuts
- brake hose rear right is twisted
- 5mm track rings per side on the rear wheels do not leave enough space for the wheel @ full travel - remove

12:00h - 14:30h back to the garage: disassemble and redial the rear suspension one spline, replace lock nuts as above, fix the brake hose, remove track rings
14:45h: @ the TÜV again. Front lights have to be re-alligned due to new suspension height - done in a minute. Height measured and accepted. New problem: We need evidence that the speedo works with the tire size - so, back home... -grab a GPS and taking  some pics @ 40, 80, 120 km/h :

 35 km/h from the GPS @ 40 km/h on the speedo

  73 km/h from the GPS @ 80 km/h on the speedo

113 km/h from the GPS @ 120 km/h on the speedo

The speedo is always ahead of the real speed - perfect!

16:30h heading back to the TÜV office - on the way - picking up the polished wheels:
they came out great, especially if you would have seen them before!
If you are looking for top service, look here:

17:30h @ the TÜV again: evidence is accepted, everything looking good
19:00h receiving all the paperwork - here one of the most important:

contemporary ride height modification, contemporary Porsche wheels with 165/65/15 up front and 185/65/15 in the rear. Now the Volksback is a real classic car "Oldtimer"!

Here is the result of todays work:
A (dirty) Volksback with TÜV approval and a nice set of wheels!:

A special thanks to Rui and Olli for lending me their car dealer plates, Mr. Rusch from the TÜV for his work and over hours - and to Ralf for the support and the appointment with the TÜV!

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

the Volksback is alive - Part II

After another day of final assembly and a few test runs, I hope tomorrow it will pass the TÜV check, so it will be back on the road! Most of todays pics are made by Ralf, I was too busy and excited - again,  Thanks for your help Ralf!
Ein weiterer harter Schraubertag ist vorbei, hoffentlich klappt morgen beim Tüv alles... Da ich heute zu viel zu tun hatte und viel zu aufgeregt war, stammen die meisten Bilder heute von Ralf - wieder mal: Danke für Deine Hilfe!

Some impressions of today:
final assembly of driver door


later in the day...
the carpet will follow as soon as I am confident there are no water leaks!
Der Teppich kommt erst wenn ich mir sicher bin das es keine Undichtheiten gibt!

 nice gauges!

oh, we also finished the back rest of the rear seat today:

 sorry, no pic from the front, this will follow later...

here is the axis for the arm rest...

 instead of the og spring clip we drilled a hole in the axis und used a washer and cotter pin...

It runs great!

 I am not 100% satisfied with the stance, but I had no chance to disassemble the rear again and dial everything another notch up...
Mit der Tieferlegung bin ich immer noch nicht ganz zufrieden, heute war aber keine Zeit die gesamte Hinterachse nochmals 1 Raste höherzudrehen...

 ... and the front could be a little lower, but now it is totally driveable - even with my whole family ,we already tested it!
... und die Front könnte etwas tiefer sein, aber so ist es absolut alltagstauglich, haben wir eben schon zu 3. getestet!

nice bling bling!