Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Bugwelder - the shop that cares!

I ordered a set of wheels for the 2015 season @ the Bugwelder shop. Because I care about (my own) safety, I ordered TÜV-approved rims. Upon arrival I discovered that 1 rim was perfectly polished - unfortunately the TÜV-relevant markings were polished as well:
I contacted Christopher, the shop owner to let him know that I expect trouble due to the illegible marking. So, he sent another wheel within just 3days! This is the kind of customer care I expect from a top shop. Especially if you read the story about the opposite behaviour from another dealer, just days ago -> see my Volksstreaker blog:

Samstag, 13. September 2014

beautiful Budel 2014

Today we visited the Budel VW meeting "beautiful Budel" - and indeed, it was beautiful. No rain, some good friends and some good deals - perfect!

Here are some impressions:

a radical oval - but - hey, what's in the background?

a Porsche flat 6 powered, LPG converted notchback
 ... with tele dials and Porsche disc brakes all around!

low late model notch

nice matte finished bug

the ever growing bus department

simple yet nice:

nice color!
 this year the meeting has seen much more visitors compared to the rainy desaster of last year!

in the camp ground an original KDF  Type 82 "Kübelwagen"

 great combo of color, wheels and accessories

I also found a lot of stuff for my Streaker project, which you can follow here: