Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016

yet another Hot Wheels VW casting: The Käfer Racer

Just got hold of a brand new 2017 Hot Wheels VW, the Käfer Racer.
I am amazed that even the Umlaut is used correctly on the card!

The Chevy Silverado with a nice new paint scheme:

as well as the F 150 casting, now with a translucent red screen insert:

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

Massive Hot Wheels prey

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for Hot Wheels. Today I was lucky and hit the supermarket pegs at the right time...
A pair (because it is always better to have a pair :-) of the 55 Gasser - an all time favorite of mine - in the latest 2017 blue "flames" print , the 56 Ford Truck with the new "steely" wheels, 2 FuguZ's, a Toyota Pick up + another 55 Gasser in red, a "Back toThe Future" Time machine in hover mode (the only non-2017 package of today) and 2 vehicles which owners are known (and loved) for their stupidity and heavily disturbed self reflection:
Homer Simpson and Richard Rawlings

Sonntag, 27. November 2016

California trip: Burbank Car Classic July 30, 2016

The major part of the California trip was about exploring nature and cities, but at least there was 1 car show I wanted to visit. The 5th annual Burbank Car Classic - A Salute To SoCal Automotive Culture.
It was only a Saturday afternoon show in the heart of Burbank, but the visit was worth it. From a Toyota Corolla with 1UZ FE (Lexus V8) engine swap to classic aircooled Vee Dubs to some precious vehicles from the Peterson Automotive Museum - like a De Tomaso Pantera from Elvis Presley - to high class hot rods and even the Chip Foose modified Lotus Europa! All sorts of cool stuff, here is a small extract:

(I am almost sure this one was another Overhaulin' project)

some air cooled classics

some hot rods with loads of fabrication were on display, too:

an old school classic:

this one was beyond believe:

and the Lotus Europa, heavily modified by Chip Foose in an episode of Overhaulin'

here is a fun fact, the episodes make you believe it only takes a few days, but this one took over a year to complete. Lucky Costa, of Hot Rod Garage fame, did a lot of work to finalize this build.

You can find interesting stuff about Lucky on his own channel:

This guys has loads of skills!

Turbo's of the size you could live in!

The 1 UZ FE Lexus V8 4,0 liter swap looks absolute factory!

The Elvis Presley DeTomaso - with bullet holes in the steering wheel and driver's foot well:

Batman was there, too:

a clean BMW E30 M3 is also appreciated in the US!

 Not only the big american muscle cars were present:

This crazy V8 offroad monster 4 seater was equipped with big stereo and  it was street legal!

Meyer's Manx

and Meyer's tow'd - which uses a type 3 rear sub frame - that was new to me!

Unfortunately, the light was everything but perfect, as it was too late in the afternoon on a narrow street, but to see all these cars in one place was a pleasure. I was kind of expecting to meet Jay Leno there, but he wasn't there...