Dienstag, 1. Mai 2018

Hannover MKT 2018 + DFL May Cruise Night

I just came home from this years MKT Event in Hannover, it was actually the 35. official Maikäfertreffen and I had a blast. I met many friends had some great discussions and - for the first time - I didn't take the Volksback!
Some random snap shots from the DFL Meeting yesterday - I was too busy for nice pictures...

The Hazard Streaker was the "weapon of choice" this year. One of the reasons is, that I want to sell it. Too many projects - not enough time! But, back to the Volksback. I noticed some increased pressure in the crank case, so it needs some relief. I bought some stuff to make it happen:
A breather adaptor, replacing the stock mechanical fuel pump, a CB breather box  and - in the middle of the pic: most important - a new fuel tank sender. Hopefully I will never run out of fuel again...

And finally the only pic I took today: My friend Olli's "Autohaus Nordstadt Käfer" on stage: