Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

The Volksback: finally wheels aligned

I only aligned the track and camber roughly, but in order not to waste my new tires I decided to let the pro's check and realign it:
sensors attached (the reflection in the drivers door is NOT a dent! - I just double checked in the garage!)

steering wheel fixed and levelled (You can also see the carpet kit I started to install - with no success, the velcro tape doesn't really stick...)

 At first glance, everything still looks clean and healthy from below so far ...

 but upon closer inspection: Some filth in the fuel filter and the clamp chafing on the tie rod!

 the front axis prior to alignment: not too bad! Overall toe-in is too big @ 1°10'

 Now toe is perfect @ 0°30' - left and right toe exactly @ 0°15' We didn't touch the camber as it is not such a big influence and the values are not too far off. The original positve camber is not good anyway...
In the rear camber and toe are o.k. for me - remember this car is lowered and the original "o.k" values in the computer are not for a type 3 anyway, in addition the original values for a Type 3 are ancient, based on bias ply tires usage etc...

me? - addicted? - No way!

In 2008 I started collecting some certain Hot Wheels, today I checked the content of my box and found 131 cars + a few doubles... I (only) collect selected Heat Fleet, HW Racing Series (black, blue and white), Muscle Mania,  some Dragsters and - of course, everything with aircooled VW's! In addition are some others I just bought 'cause I like them ...

Only a few are really collectables in my eyes, like some japanese packaged, some regular treasure hunts - and even 2 Secret Super Treasure Hunts! Most of 'em are short cards but a few long cards are also in the box...
With roughly 250! releases per year, you could spend a fortune and you could get carried away easily... 
If you want to learn more about Hot Wheels, there is an own Wiki for it on the web with tons of info!
Look here:

Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

back from holidays...

After nearly 2 weeks of - more or less continous rain - we're back. I took the Volksback for a spin today:

The Volksback, in the background: The "Ruhrtalbrücke" ruhr valley bridge, 1830 meters length, both build in 1966 - but it took 3 years to build the bridge and only a few hours to build the Volksback - in 1966, the restoration took a while longer... 

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

front bumper alignment

The front bumper annoyed me for quiet some time, so I aligned it ...

it's getting better, but still not perfect...

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Zeche Zollverein Juli 1st, 2012

Today was a great mix of cars at the Zeche Zollverein monthly classic car meeting, and the first appearance of the Volksback:

some classic Opels

 a rare Aero:

4 door Bel Air

cool panel van with a custom touch and fat rubbers in the back

 Renault 5 Turbo 2 "bathtub"

 and another Aero:

nice 'n clean Golf Mark I
 Kleinschnittger - 150 kg overall weight, no reverse gear!
 and yet another Aero...

 Escort RS 2000

 Plymouth Fury, the trunk is the size of my whole car!

Fiat X1/9 - a  rare sight these days...

Ford Mercury

 DeSoto Firesweep - never seen one of those before...
exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper

aerodynamic rear view mirror

one of a few frog eyed MG's

Ford Capri Mark I V6

 Plymouth Fury - BIG fins!

suicide doors and interesting door handle

Chevy Van

mean Dodge with Centerline Convo Aero wheels, one of favorites since the early 90ies!

Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

Dodge with strange body lines - way cool!

1967 VW Beetle