Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

Hybrid IRS-subframe: Let the work begin!

Today I finally started to work on the special subframe. I use a swing axle subframe and a set of original VW IRS brackets to create a Type 3 subframe which allows the use of an IRS gearbox and hardware in a pre 68 body - which doesn't have the sheet metal domes to mount the "mustache" bar in the engine compartment...

The swing axle subframe has to be cut open to make room for the IRS brackets, here is the first step: 
A rough cut to allow a fine, step by step grinding and fidling to make the brackets a tight fit.

 (Note the perfect, rust free surface inside of this 50 year old subframe!)

... much later: the bracket fits onto the frame. The jigs - which my buddy Ralf fabricated - help locating them in the perfect spot!

 This is it: both brackets are located and fixed with the jigs. The next step will be the welding!
A special "Thank you" to Ralf for allowing me to work in your clean, warm workshop!


  1. Ist mir immer wieder eine große Freude.
    Obendrein, ein mit Erfolg gekrönter Samstag in der Garage.

    Was gibt es schöneres?
    War fast wie Weihnachten, grins...


  2. Sehr schoen... Habe da auch noch einen alten Typ 3 hinterachstraeger....
    Der strahlemann