Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Spa 2016

Again, this year's Le Bug Show in Spa Francorchamps was a highlight. Despite the  issues due to re-organisation of exits and the massive traffic jam during the parade.
The weather on Saturday and Sunday was perfect, the amount of cars was mind blowing and the company was great, too!
We had some minor issues to fix on the way back and fro, but I was happy being there again.
Here are a few random pics:

Saturday morning 06:30h: Ready to leave!

(Missing in these pictures is Timo's VW collection (T2 bus trailered by his Passat)

a little later on the way...

There is not much a bunch of talented (hobby) mechanics and a well sorted toolbox can't fix! I think we did a great job!

Still my favorite Volkswagen of all:

This roof rack is so cool!

A superb Fasty from the T3HQ - Congratulations to Mario - this is a beauty!
When have you ever seen a Baja Bus?

 Eurocco kitcar, slammed on Ercos:

On Sunday morning we wanted to make sure that all goes well on the way home, so - some early morning wrenching action on the hotel parking lot:
Open your hoods and say: Aaaaaah

Will I go there next year? Yes! Will I stay over night? I don't think so. The prices have reached I level I am no longer willing to pay. So, a 1 day trip to Spa, a visit to the Type 3/34 meeting at night and then going home again is the rough plan...

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