Donnerstag, 11. August 2016

New engine: First feedback

The Spa trip was the first real test for the new engine. Overall I'm stoked, it runs great, it rev's really quick, the sound of the CSP Python Exhaust system is great (maybe a little too loud... - or am I getting old?) The Weber carbs run o.k. out of the box, but the fuel consumption is currently way too high, The carbs need to be tuned and maybe re-jetted...
One thing was bugging me - an oil leak! I paid so much attention during assembly to get everything leak free that I was disappointed to find some drops of oil under the engine.
A closer inspection led to the distributor as the source of oil - after removing it, I knew why there was a little oil:

I simply forgot to assemble the seal on the distributor shaft! Hopefully this was the only leak and I don't have to worry about oil stains any more!

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