Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

IRS swing arm assembly stub axles and wheel bearings

After too long time I finally had some hours in the garage today. The plan was to assemble the stub axles into the swing arms. As the dismanteling was too long ago, I had to check the internet for the correct assembly order of the bearings etc.
This is what I started with:

Luckily I found a nice picture on the pacific customs website which was a great help, together with my repair manual:

I used all new hardware, bearings, seals to make sure it will last for a long time.
Step 1: Thorough cleaning of the bearing seats ( I used some fine 3M emery cloth):

Step 2: Insert the ball bearing from the rear and drive fully into home position:

Step 3: Insert the C-clip:

Step 4: Insert the seal and put a light coat of grease to the lips:

Step 5: Put a liberate amount of grease inside the housing:

Step 6: Put the small spacer onto the stub axle and insert it from the back

Step 7: Put the large spacer over the stub axle

Step 8: Assembe the roller bearing on the front. Then stack up the inner race of the roller bearing,  the front spacer and use another long spacer (if available) onto the stub axle.

Step 9: Use the crown nut to pull the stub axle into home postion:

The next steps would be: Assemble the brake backing plate; slide the thin O-ring over the outer bearing; mount the bearing cover including new oil seal.

Unfortunately I have no IRS bearing covers in my parts stash, so I need to find a set before I can continue...

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