Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

IRS Hybrid subframe ready!

Yesterday was welding time! Finally, the subframe is ready to go!
left side from above:

and another shot of the left IRS bracket

right side from above:
left side from below:

right side from below:
The IRS brackets were spot welded on all corners first, to prevent warpage, then the long seams were done - most of them in one go! 
All welds have a very good penetration and will be left as they are. They look better then the welding that VW did in the days...

Once, again, without my buddy Ralf - who did professional welding for quite some time - the subframe would look really bad, I tried it again yesterday, but it takes a lot of practice to get such a result! Hats off to Ralf!

I will mock up the frame with the running gear to check drive shaft clearance to the frame horns.

The next steps will be a good cleaning + wire brushing and than a lick of gloss black paint!


  1. Nobody is perfect.
    It holds, that is important.
    When it looking good, is not bad.


    See you next time

  2. Sehr geil !!!
    Der strahlemann

  3. Neue Bilder? Vielleicht vom lacken??? Neugierig bin ich!! Gib alles !!!!!!!!!!

    Grüßlis vom Strahlemann