Montag, 29. April 2013

a long treasure hunt came to an end!

During our weekend trip to the Netherlands I finally found my long sought-after personal "holy grail"
The Hot Wheels Racing 12, 6/10 Custom Volkswagen in blue on a short card!
(So far I only had 1 on a long card, "imported" from the US - as well as a few purple ones (long and short card) and 4 white ones, K-Mart-only edition)
ta daa:

I was searching this one since July 2012 and visited countless shops, browsing through literally thousands of Hot Wheels racks...
You can't imagine my lucky feelings when I finally found not one or two, but three!!! at one place!
 (right column)

I think I will open one of them. This model represents so many things I am really into:
Volkswagens, Hot Rods, Hot Wheels, red band tyres, aggressive stance, big'n little tyres....
It is my "perfect" Hot Wheel of all times so far!

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