Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

divorce!... Scheidung!

... of course only between the Streakers body and pan. It took 6 discs, about a hundred curse words and countless whacks with hammer and chisel until the damn body finally came loose - I had to cut so many patches where both parts were welded together!

... natürlich nur bei meinem Streaker - Karosserie und Chassis mussten getrennt werden. Ich habe 6 Trennscheiben, ca. 100 Flüche und zahllose Hammerschläge auf den Karosseriemeißel gebraucht bis die verfluchte Karosserie endlich gelöst war - Es gab so viele Stellen an den Karosserie und Chassis verschweisst waren!

Here are some snap shots:  Hier ein paar Schnappschüsse:
 right rear corner from inside: welded and silicone sealed

  right rear corner from outside: welded

right heater channel + "seat frames" : welded
 front left corner: welded inside ...

 detail view of the professional repair

... outside was "connected" as well

 ... a little gap

 the result after 4 hours... finally: loose!

and the remains:

also, I received a donor for the new pan:
 the floor halfs and the IRS rear frame are looking good, the frame head will be cut off anyway...

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