Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Youngtimer Vestival Herten 09. September 2012

Today we visited the Youngtimer Vestival (no typo - it's the name!) in Herten, you could see everything from Vintage US cars, 60'ies 70'ies and 80'ies Swedish, German and British iron, all kinds of sportcars, you name it. It was soo hot - so, a cool place in the shadow was the right spot to be - here are some impressions:

Karmann Type 14 US re-import:

only one of the parking lots - under a perfect blue sky :

nice 'Yota:

Ford Sierra Cosworth triplets:

Golf Mk II 16V with cool wheels:

Opel Manta i400

definately not vintage - but one of my favorites: a Jeep JK - even if I would prefer the 4 door body:

nicely detailed Ford Capri

 Golf Mk II with 2 different wheel colors, left vs. right:

wheels: Porsche Cayenne 17" winter wheels - not bad!

the black side was more my kind of taste...

transaxle corner: 

16" Fuchs'ed 914

(notice the white Manta's number plate: BO -EY!)

strange "limo" benz with (too) big wheels:

Audi Coupé (QP)

mmmh - real CSL or - not?
this one gave the crowd a lot of chin scrappin'

VW T3 syncro bus

Ford Capri's, wild and mild:

Golf convertible with Porsche tele dials:

Golf Mk II G60 4door:

Rallye Golf-faced 2 door Jetta with nice wheels

more transaxle pics:

BMW E9 3,5 CSL in full armor:

(apparently Thorsten and Ralf liked it... at least more than Tom and Ute)

RHD Cobra Replica:

a rare sight: an unmodified, chrome bumper'ed Mk I Golf:

early Mk II, with US grille and VR6 converted, leather interior, multi piece wheels  etc - much better than before!

the Porsche corner:

Rallye Golf x 2:
very cool wheels!

clean lookin', front fenderless Harley:
I dig the CNC'ed "bead lock" style wheels!
slick silhouette!

black is (still) beautyful

old school Milwaukee iron:

this Rallye Audi was dropped, just by mounting 1.000 Rallye lights ;-)

Renault wheeled Mk II  

early Golf Mk II with nice BBS's

Transaxle again?...

a nice, color matched couple:

It was a real nice location, perfect weather, the mix of cars was spectacular and we had a lot of fun!
(Did you notice the striking number of Transaxle Porsche pics? - is this a sign?)


  1. as you can see, the greater part of cars were uninteresting cars for me but in the near future the owners gonna be my customers.
    strange, isn´t it.
    on the other hand i had a great sunday relaxing under a tree in the shadow having a cool coke on ice after having finished my trip to hilgen.
    and this evening all the big family was here to have a fantastic bbq!
    finest greetz from the masterblaster

  2. I´ve noticed it.
    That was not a sign. There were just as many ;-)