Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

a visit @ a friend

my little side project is getting started. First step was to clean the old cart wheels from the real bad paint - who else would be better for that Job than Jens Kraft - the Master Blaster himself ;-)
 this what I started with, a set of used bambini cart rims

 awaiting the treatment...

 the first weapon of choice is the big nozzle

 professional @ work - thumps up!  What you can't see - It is f*cking cold in the work shop

 a little glass blasting action for a finer surface

looking much better now - at least one rim (lower left) needs some "fine calibration" before  I can move on...
If you are looking for professional, fast and affordable workmanship - look no further, ask Jens: /


  1. Warum weiß ich von nichts?
    Bin gespannt was noch kommt!

    Gruß Ralli

  2. Hi Ralli,
    nix wildes - nur ein standesgemäßes Handwägelchen...

  3. f*****g cold? well, it was mild that day! wasn´t it?
    greetz master blaster