Dienstag, 12. April 2011

new gearbox and a little progress...

After the last drawbacks it was hard to motivate myself, but finally I got something done:

 a "A0" Gearbox! - the secret to mileage - or speed ;-)  - I spent a complete day with cleaning / degreasing the housing and gave it a "rattle can" paint job in gloss black. Thank you Magnus for finding this gearbox!

There are some parts which have to be updated / changed and modified. I will mount a special adaptor from company "Beetle factory" to change from "non-guided" to "guided" throw-out bearing!
The starter bushing and fulcrum plates will be exchanged for new parts as well as the plastic-"daysies"

 Currently I am changing the axle tubes from "wide" to narrow", as I want to hide the 5,5" rims under the rear wheel wells without any modifications.

The body/chassis seal found its way onto the chassis, glued on with Sikaflex:

the seal was fixed with some tape during the curing time of the Sikaflex
Tomorrow I will visit the paint shop to check on any progress... I will keep you updated...


  1. keep on the good work!
    greetz from the sandblasting cabin!

  2. Und weiter geht´s...
    Schönes Ding!