Sonntag, 24. April 2011

build myself a nice Wheelbarrow!

 rear axle completed! Spend a busy afternoon in the garage, completely assembled the axle shafts, with all new spares, reassembled the rear brakes, mounted the tranny with new rubber mounts onto the rear end...
 filled in gear box oil and checked for possible leaks - luckily it seemed to be an oil tight installation...
 re-used the axle boots I just installed on the 6V rear axle - these parts were new and have never seen daylight.

Installed the rear KONI dampers etc.

Here are some close-ups of the throw-out bearing guide I also installed today:
 input shaft seal removed...

 here is the new sleeve, made by Beetle Factory in Wuppertal ( I know it can also be purchased through some other companies) - but how to install it correct without mis-alignment???
 here is a special made bushing that a friend of mine machined, to give the new sleeve a good guidance during installation
 another bushing, this time to make sure the installation with a hammer will not harm the sleeve and to carefully spread the mounting forces ( both bushings are made of a special plastic material)
 inner bushing, guiding sleeve, outer bushing
 I applied a little locktite extra strong  on the knurled area before I carefully hammered the sleeve into the housing
- done! - with the 2 bushings it was an easy task, without them - it would have been impossible to really align the sleeve properly!
 throw-out bearing installed
Now I finally got a narrow swing axle with the internals of a A0 drivetrain and a guided throw-out bearing !
Only awaiting the motor... (and a new starter)

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  1. herzlich willkommen zurück in der Garage ;-)

    Wann darf ich den Motor bringen? Gruß Ralli