Samstag, 26. März 2011

gynecologist at work...

 sorry for not posting for so long, but I got a relapse and was sick again. Now I hope it will be better...
Today I felt like a gynecologist! I installed a 8mm fuel line into the pan... Not a simple job, but now it is completed I can be sure my bigger motor will never run too lean due to lack of fuel!
I zip-tied the fuel line in place. I chose a poly-coated 8mm copper line which is also used for LPG-conversions:

   the holes in the rubber grommets had to be enlarged to accomodate the bigger fuel line

 new vs. old fuel line

inside the tunnel ( on the right is a LED torch to shed some light...)

this is the front access opening, just big enough to put my hand in...

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  1. Hi Markus, good job! The bigger fuel line will be much better for the 2 liter engine ;-)

    Thank you again for your helping hand.


    (sorry, for my super English)