Samstag, 11. März 2017

IRS Subframe: work continues

I am moving along...
brakes assembled:

Swapping from swing axle to IRS requires a modification to the shock absorbers. The internals are 100% the same, there is only 1 difference: The sleeve in the lower rubber mount: On IRS, there are longer sleeves:

Swapping one for the other is a simple matter of using the vise and pressing in the long sleeve and pressing out the old at the same time.

The brake hard lines had to be re-routed, too:

I used the brass fitting attachment points on the IRS brackets which are from a beetle chassis:

Shift rod connection also done - safety wire was added later - make sure you use the type 3 specific "hockey stick" in the gear box!

On a beetle hockey stick, the grub screw is attached from the top, so the counter sunk hole is in the wrong area!

This is the current status:
Starter motor, clutch cable, handbrake cables, drive shafts shock absorbers are installed!

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