Sonntag, 5. März 2017

finally: IRS Subframe

With the engine out to fix the oil pressure issue, I decided to finally go ahead and install the IRS subframe.
First step: Out with the old:

Next step is to assembly all the bits:
 Porsche torsion bars, the IRS arms, urethane bushings, rubber mount for the gear box and the "Cup" cradle - so maybe some Cup struts might follow...

Then, shove it all under the body and lift it into position - sounds a little easier then it is,,,

but eventually, I made it! 

The IRS arms are already in their final position. I only hope the torsion bars are adjusted correctly!
Well, this will only be seen after the final assembly, with everything in place and the car back on the ground... 

A nice, dry bellhousing - I hope it stays dry - Of course, I already filled the gear box with the appropriate oil and replaced the input shaft seal.

Assembly of brake lines, drums and so on will follow soon!

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