Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

Icy trip to Rosmalen

Yesteday we took a trip to Rosmalen on icy roads. We passed a few cars which slipped off the tracks. We took it slow and arrived safe after 2 hours. Here are just a few snapshots of the meeting - which on one hand had less retailer boots, but the entry is now at 15€ already!

post -71 Brazilian Fasty

Aluminium bodied Rometsch in rough shape

T2A with hand-wash friendly stance. You can wash the roof without a ladder!

A V-twin powered Volksrod!

This picture does not really present the number of visitors, in the swap meet area it was really crowded!

My all time favorite VW - The type 34 in the Airmighty boot:

a nice display of 80's BMX bikes

 The Type 4 club displayed this Type 4 pick-up
It was the first time I spent more money on food than on parts...

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