Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015

longing for perfection...

One major change for next year will be a nice set of Porsche Fuchs replicas. The front rims are slightly modified SSP's, they deliver a real cool wheel with the TÜV approval as well, but there is one detail on those wheels that bugged me since day one. The center cap is of good, heavy quality and resembles the PORSCHE center cap almost perfect - with one exception: The galvanic surface is just plain wrong, as there is a slight goldish, nickel-like shine to it. Here you can see what I mean, look close to the otherwise perfect Karmann Ghia which also won a trophy during this years Spa Le Bug Show:

(This picture was taken during the 2014 Weeze Show)

 The cover color doesn't fit to the polished surface of the wheels.

So I sent my covers to a chrome and polishing specialist, to re-chrome my covers, here is the result:
It is not easy to catch the bright chrome shine on camera. Even though it might just be a little detail, but I am sure it will be noticed!

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  1. Genau diese Details machen den Unterschied !
    Sowas könnte Ich auch nicht sehen ! Schöner Blog übrigens !
    Kannst ja auch gerne mal bei mir reinschauen...

    MfG Ben