Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015

axial play corrected and assembly ongoing

After I posted my engine assembly work in a very good German ACVW forum, I was informed that the axial play on my engine was to great, the correct values are 0,07 to 0,13 mm.
As I previously dialed it in to a value of 0,13 mm I redid it:
This should be perfect...

I also mounted the (brand new) oil cooler and some other stuff:

The original insulation was totally flaking off, so I removed it, it will be replaced with something more substantial.

 Distributor clamp (powder coated black), fuel pump socket and oil filler (black wrinkle finished) as well as the fan housing (painted silver)
Yes, I am going to use a manual fuel pump - it is sufficient, even for this engine!

I really dig the wrinkle finish:

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  1. Sehr schöne Optik!
    Wird ein klasse Motor! Da bin ich sicher!
    Feinste Grüsslis vom zufriedenenundrelaxtenweilendlichwiederimheimischenbettschlafenden Strahlemann