Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

setting axial play

During assembly of an aircooled VW engine it is vital to dial the axial play for the crank.
The optimal value is between 0,10 mm and 0,15 mm *edit: the correct values are 0,07 - 0,13mm!* There are shims to be added between the crank and the flywheel. A variation of 3 shims with different thickness to finalize the value. Luckily those shims are availble in a wide range from 0,24 mm to 0,38 mm in 0,02 mm steps. I think I almost did it spot-on, right in the middle of the range:
*edit: As the correct values are 0,07 mm - 0,13 mm I have to adjust it once more! 0,10 mm is the target!

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