Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

push rod tube issues... and special tools

The cylinder heads were fly cut, so the original 1300cc-1600cc push rod tubes were too long to fit.
So I ordered a set of 1200cc tubes which should solve this issue. This time I ordered from Werk34, as I also found a nice oil pump cover as well, it is nickel plated on the outside and the surface  towards the pump gears is almost honed-like. The shipment was fast and everything went flawless!

During assembly I discovered some clearance issues to install the spark plugs and the manifolds for the Weber carbs, so I cobbled something together which works exactly as it should:
A 1/4" mini ratchet with a 10mm hex socket for the manifolds and a 13mm ratchet spanner with an adapter to the 21mm spark plug socket. even with all cooling tins installed I can wrench with no problems!

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