Sonntag, 26. April 2015

Motor build: Finally, I started my own!

The Volksback is now for 3,5 years on the road, and still it is running with the motor I got loaned from my Buddy Ralf!  Now it is really time to get going with my own power plant:

The Scat Volksstroker crank - forged, counterbalanced and dynamically balanced:  
Pre-assembled, the bearing surfaces are covered with Liqui Moly LM48 assembly lube

The con rods are CB performane budget rods, all fine tuned to exact weight

Here is one of them on the scale:

 579,25 grams each

 Here is a standard con rod:
 628,25 grams

Already 4x49 grams = 196 grams of rotational mass reduced!

 Here is the Schleicher 316° camshaft and the Scat lifters, 75 grams with center oil hole
The stock VW lifter weight about 84 grams - another 36 grams of reduced rotational mass

First check of the crank in the block:

 Ooops: Problem! The case wasn't machined enough to make room for the counterbalanced crank

So, a little grinding was required:

Now the crank spins freely!

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  1. Das ist ja geil!
    Das Motor Projekt läuft....
    Freue mich für Dich.
    Das wird ein Riesen Spaß, wenn der Hobel rennt....

    Gruß Ralli