Samstag, 4. April 2015

Garage door update 1.0

Yes - this is a double post, but there are only a few visitors to my VW Baja Bug /Hazard Streaker build blog:  , so I also posted here...
I finally took the time and updated the garage door. I ordered 5 glas inserts, they allow some daylight to enter the garage and it is now easy to see for visitors if I might be in the garage...

The before picture:

The upper segment had to be removed carefully, than I measured trice, cut once, installed the inner and outer frames, glass inserts, annoying the neighors with the sound of the angle grinder...

... and another job done! A nice, even pattern of glass inserts!

P.S.: I know the lower zinc sheetmetal of the roof has to be fixed!

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