Montag, 27. April 2015

Engine build, part II

Here are some more ingredients of the engine:
Victor Reinz sealing set

CB Performance CroMoly cylinder bolts - they are designed for stroker motors, which meant I had to cut off 9mm from both sides of all 16 bolts = 32 cuts!

The surface for the flywheel's O-ring freshly polished:

The head: CNC'ed cumbustion chambers to exactly to 50cc, machined for 90,5mm pistons

So far so good, everything spins freely:

Specific to the Type3: Distributor position is different than on a Type 1 assembly!
Distributor only for set-up purposes, there will be another one installed later.

These CSP oil gallery plugs are really nice, much easier to assemble compared to the slotted covers from VW! Also, new oil pressure plungers will be installed.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Moin,

    das sieht sehr gut aus!

    Erinnert mich ein Motorprojekt vom Bus.

    Ist schon 10 Jahre her....

    ... Scheisse ich werde alt.

    Viele Erfolg weiterhin und bis Donnerstag.