Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

New Year = New spirit! A good step forward on the hybrid subframe!

Today was a mild day, so I worked a little on the subframe!
First step: Clean the welds and apply some primer to avoid surface rust:

Then I wanted to test fit the IRS arms, but I had to insert new poly-bushings first!
So I painted the area of the arms where the bushing go:

Always apply plenty of grease!

The next part was the gearbox rear cradle (which I bought already 3 years ago in Bitburg!)

Of course I wanted to test fit the gearbox now, but as it is a 1303 unit, the nose cone had to be changed - and the hockey stick as well . Remember, Type 3 models have a different location for the shift rod coupler!
This is the donor gearbox, an "AT" ratio, 1303 box!

As I need the 2-bolt pattern, the nose cone had to be changed:
(on the left, the Type 3 hockey stick and the new rubber mounts for the cradle)

Here is a comparison between 3-bolt and 2-bolt pattern:
The oil had to be drained - a stinky mess of +40 years old rotten slime!

I checked the drain plug for signs of wear, but there was only a little debris on the magnet - a good sign!

All that goo came off easily + the thread was cleaned, as it was heavily corroded on the outer end (see above) :

Here are the hockey sticks: Note the different hole locations:

The new nose cone will get a new brass bushing and a new oil seal:

Afterwards I could mock-up everything:

Now it was time to check the most important issue: Will there be enough room for the CV joint?
 YES!!! Success!!!

So, I was in the mood to check the Cup bar:

All in all a real efficient afternoon!


  1. sehr geil was du machst!
    aber check mal ob die schräglenkerbolzen in den hülsen der urethan lager spiel haben. die hülsen haben gerne einen zu großen innendurchmesser.
    liebe grüße aus österreich und weitermachen! :)

  2. Danke für die Blumen! Die Hülsen habe ich gecheckt - es ist vielleicht Glück, aber die laufen perfekt auf den Bolzen. Aber Danke für den Hinweis, leider gibt es nur sehr wenig Rückmeldung hier im Blog, obwohl ich doch einige Besucher täglich habe.
    Grüße aus'm Pott,

  3. Just a thought... Are you sure about the CV clearance, as the gearbox and engine will twist quite a bit when running?
    Best regards