Montag, 31. März 2014

Spring is here, so some cleaning and updating!

Almost 2 years ago Ralph (yes, again another Ralph - it appears that almost all German Type 3 fans are called Ralf - or Ralph) from Hamburg sold me a new arm rest top for my driver door. It was waiting in my garage for installation...

The original part was a little perished:

I dismantled the driver door and removed the old top plate, here is the comparison:

here is the new part installed:
Only a little improvement, but I know it is fixed and looks better!
What you can't see is the hassle I had with the window regulator clip! It was a nightmare to release, but  now all is good again!

Also I thoroughly cleaned the Volksback, even clayed a few panels and gave it a fresh wax!
It really shines again!
Ralf and I did a little cruise to a local classic car meeting:
 black and white - still a great combo! Thanx for the pic, Ralli!

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