Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

New wheels + aircooled season 2013 is over...

After last Sundays meeting in Dorsten, which was the first appearance for the new Cosmic rims on the Volksback, the "aircooled year" is more or less over.  This year Ralfs and my Type 3's were equipped with bigger brakes (6 pod calipers) in Porsche bolt pattern and new wheels. Let's see what next year will bring...

Here is the story of the Cosmics:
rear brakes, the 4 lug hub and drum already removed - still as good as new! 

the 5 lug hub in place:

5 lug drum installed:

... and here the first shots, direct after assembly:

  I like the contrast between light body and dark wheels

 ... for me, the front could a little lower...


  1. Hallo, woher hast du di 5x130 Radnaben und Bremstrommeln?
    Danke für eine Antwort.

  2. Hi Tiki Bomber,
    die Bremse gab es - soviel ich weiß - mal bei CSP, meine habe ich gebraucht auf dem MKT in Hannover gekauft und aufbereitet. Ich habe die Bremse noch nirgends in einem Shop o.ä. gesehen...