Montag, 27. August 2012

Radio 2.0

I changed my original plan to use an old Blaupunkt radio for several reasons and so my search for a reasonable priced "Classic car" radio began. There a only a few options, like the Retrosound:

for more info, look here:
current sales price in Germany, including the correct face plate: around 340 €

The Becker Mexico 7948 - discontinued, current market prices up to 3.500 € !
look here for more Info: becker mexiko-7948

and the Caliber RCD 110: market price around 110 €
which looks VERY similar to the Gelhard Classic 40: market price around 100 €

but the Gelhard has an additional Bluetooth free phone included as well!

The only thing about the Gelhard / Caliber radio I don't like is the red illumination - but I think this can be solved. What a marketing desaster! A "Classic" radio with blue / red illumination - if they would switch to amber / green - they would sell far more of those!

So you can already guess which one I chose... More on that later

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  1. Jetzt wo ich diesen Post sehe!
    Ich schau heute Abend nach dem Radio das ich gesehen habe.

    Gruß Ralli