Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Oldtimertreffen "alte Dreherei", Mülheim

 Today we visited an old industrial estate in my hometown Mülheim, the "alte Dreherei", est. 1874 for their annual historic car meeting, here are some of the countless entries, from BIG to little:

 a future classic:

a crazy mix of several model years...:

familiar faces...

here a cool shot of the location:

 read more about the "alte Dreherei" project:

Later we took a trip in a historic street car:

 wooden slate flooring, wooden seats, wooden everything...
heater system:

 light bulbs 1949:

this 1 1/2 deck bus was there, too - chassis buildt in 1972, in duty from 1974 to 1984. The Coach body was buildt by company Ludewig in Essen - look here for more information:
both vehicles were displayed from the VHAG, you can have your birtday party in a streetcar as well, look:

Overall it was a real nice meeting, free entrance with a historic car, coffee and cake prices were o.k. - even though the coffee price doubled from Saturday: 50 cent to Sunday : 1€ - other than that something to mark for next years calendar!

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