Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2012 + DFL Cruise Night

What a cool event! After a troulbe free cruise to Hannover with 4 aircooled Volkswagens:
Ralf's Type 3, Olivers 914 and the Volksback ( Daniels 67' Cal look beetle is missing in this pic)
(just for the records: fuel consumption 7,3 liter/100 km!)

We visited the DFL cruise night, here are a few pics:
 a super smooth T1 with the "a little" more power: 

look at this motor - it made an incredible sound as well...

the parking lot was crowded the whole time:

some of my highlights: 

the definition of patina:

 red - a color which is really underestimated...

 17 inch rims, cool!

talking 'bout cool...

 as seen before, but really something different - sort of mid 70ies  meets cal looker...

 If those front beams get even shorter, those cars start looking like 3-wheelers...

Thank you - everybody I've been with and met during the MKT 2012 for a great event!

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