Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

a happy end: the rear bumper

Tuesday the postman delivered a huge package:

my rear bumper was really not something to be proud about, one of the pre-owner tried to remove rust or whatever and removed the chrome in some areas, it was dull and rusty:

I've been looking for a NOS bumper everywhere, once I had one already in my hand but wasn't 100% satisfied with the chrome and let it go again - BIG MISTAKE! - this will never happen again to me...

So I finally ordered a re-chromed bumper from the Volkswarenhaus.  This one looked killer from the outside, but I had to paint the inside to a near factory finish, the "Hammerschlagsilber" (hammer finish silver). I also wanted to add overriders, there were some in my parts stash, but even if the outside was in decent shape, the inside was rusty and a no go!, Again, Jens, my favorite media blaster came into play, he removed all rust and the old paint in minutes - thank you once more for the express service, Jens! If you ever look for media blasting, hobby or industrial, look no further:
Here a before / after comparison:


  I also applied a few layers of the Hammerite Hammerschlagsilber, followed by a clear wax coating.

Then all the shinny bits were mounted, I also used the time to add the missing fender beading beneath the rear apron:

 the new shiny look of today

 this is how it was before

 bling bling

I like it! Now I will apply I final coat of wax, just to be sure it will last really long!


  1. Ich hatte vergessen zu sagen was mir am EinsZett Hardwachs besonders gefällt.
    Er ist super einfach aufzutragen und ohne Schlieren leicht aufpoliert.
    Perlt genial. Guter Schutz auch nach vielen Wäschen.

    Das einzige Zeug, was auf meinem schwarzen Lack funktioniert. Denn Schlieren sehen grausam aus und die schwarze Farbe verzeiht nichts. Da siehst Du Alles drauf!

    Gruß Ralli

  2. Hi Ralli,
    habe gerade mal ein bisschen im Netz recherchiert, das scheint ein sehr gutes Produkt zu einem fairen Preis zu sein, ich werde es gleich morgen besorgen!
    Wenn das Wetter dann in der nächsten Woche wieder besser ist, bekommt der Lack seinen Schutzmantel!

  3. sehr cool das ganze!

    alles trocken innen?

    it´s carpet time!!!

    greetz from your favorite masterblaster