Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

wheel adapter

3 years ago I bought a nice wooden steering wheel at the Techno Classica. The wheel - from Mountney, England - is really nice, but the original Mountney boss for old VW's is a real POS... bulky and bad fitment, so I designed an adapter to mount the Mountney wheel to the good old Raid boss, which is quality known since years!
both have 6 bolt pattern, so it was an easy design...
A special thanks to Thomas for his nice work on his lathe!

 and here is the steering wheel it was made for.

update: theirs (Mountney og part) vs. mine boss:

I dismanteled the Raid boss, every metal part will be re-painted in wrinkle finish black and the rubber boot will be given a quick makeover...

more pics later!

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